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Sleek, innovative, powerful - these are just three words that describe Genesis. The Genesis G80 and G90 prove their innovation with intelligent technology that screams "luxury" and, most importantly, keeps you safe.


Behind the wheel of the Genesis G80 and the Genesis G90, you'll be in luxury, while still remaining connected to the outside world. Both models boast a wireless charging pad that makes it easy to charge your phone on-the-go, while a Bluetooth® hands-free phone system makes it easy (and safe) to answer calls on the road. USB and AUX ports also help you stay connected or blast your favorite music. 


Another thing technology helps with? Making your life easier. With a smart key fob, the G80 and G90 models will unlock when you get close, without you having to fish for your keys. A push button start on the inside makes it easy to hit the road. If you have multiple drivers, you'll love the Integrated Memory System in both vehicles. After indicating which driver you are, it automatically adjusts front seats, side mirrors, and the steering column.


Technology is everywhere in the Genesis lineup, including your engine. Multiple engine options help the Genesis G80 and G90 to deliver ultimate power. On the interior of the G90, you'll even be able to select different drive modes (Smart, Sport, Eco or Individual), depending on what kind of driving you'll be doing. Under both vehicles, an adaptive control suspension increases your stability on the road, providing you with more control. 


Technology can be fun, but it also is here to keep you safe. The Genesis G80 and G90 are packed with intelligent driver-assistive safety features to give you extra help out on the road. Lane Keep Assist helps you by audibly alerting you if you drift out of a lane, while Smart Blind Spot Detection sees what you can't. There is also Automatic Emergency Braking, which uses radars to apply your brakes in an emergency situation.

There's even more technology where that came from! Whether the Genesis G80 or G90 is right for you, our team of experts at Evansville Genesis will help you take a test drive around EvansvilleIN today.